About BAX

Why are we perfect for you؟

We understand biotech and we focus on molecular based startups only.We tailor our help to the needs of each and every project instead of offering you generic cookie-cutter packages.We understand that each startup comes at varying stages of readiness and with a unique set of challenges. Money is one thing, commitment is everything.Our goal is not only to fundraise now with promising startups but to help them through their path of growth, from seed to enterprise/exit.

Our background

AbnusTeb Hormoz Company, with more than two decades of research, production and investment activities on the production of knowledge-based products, has full experience of market trends, requirements and priorities in the field of high-tech medical technologies.
This complex has always supported creative and capable teams and students in academia and industry.
with establishing a specialized accelerator in the field of biotechnology, ABNUS as a facilitator help to creation a connection between new ideas, investors and researchers in medical technology.
On the other hand, by creating a startup studio (BAX), creates new ideas and then finds suitable teams for the ideas to turn the ideas into a business.
In fact, the goal of this studio is to produce startups with a valuable brand and high stock value in the future